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Adult Day Care Provider

Ascend Health Adult Retreat is a premier Adult Day Care located in the heart of Chesterfield, Virginia.  We are providers to seniors who desire to age in place.  Our seniors place a high value on their independence, friendships, and wellness,  Our mission is to enrich the aging experience by providing opportunities for active, engaged, and purposeful living. This benefits not just our participants, but also their families, our staff, and the greater community.  Get in Touch below to see if our services can meet your needs.

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Senior Citizen Exercise Class


Bringing High Quality Care to You

Our mission is to slow the progression of the cognitive decline. Studies show that Dementia patients improve or maintain their cognitive abilities longer by attending Adult Day Health Care (Alzheimer's Family Center).  Therefore, everything we do is therapeutic. Methodically, our program uses the Montessori approach to offer a guided, hands-on, strategic approach to enhance mental viability.  The Director is a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional who trains and educates the staff in Montessori-based practices.


Studies show that daily exercise improves memory, mood and sleep, reduces the risk of falls, and reduces the rate of disease-associate mental decline.  We focus on the whole person, making sure to understand their disease process and how we can contribute to a positive healthy outcome.

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Our activity program is centered around Montessori practices. Our participants feel independent and have a choice in their daily activities.  They are given the opportunity to customize their engagement.  Some hosted activities are: bingo, chair exercises, puzzles, pot planting, corn hole, pet therapy, volley balloon, and much more.    

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