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Providing quality, individualized, patient-centered care in a small, safe, and home-like environment.

Caregiver Relief & Support

Are you at the end of your rope?  Are you juggling multiple things and trying to take care of a parent or loved one?  Do you feel your parent or loved one is unsafe at home alone?  Ascend Health can relieve that stress and assist with personal care (transferring, toileting, eating, etc.), nutrition and health oversight, physically and mentally stimulating activities, and social engagement.  Studies show that one-to-one social interactions among dementia patients lessened agitation levels.  More so, spending even less than ten minutes a day chatting with a dementia patient can improve their quality of life.  We will work with the caregiver to make sure you and your loved one receive the support and assistance needed at home.

Affordable, Reliable Care

We are affordable. CONTACT US to get rates. Our daily rate includes a morning and afternoon snack, a catered lunch, daily exercises and activities, and a list of health and mental practices.       


Our Staff are CPR & First Aid Certified

Is my loved one appropriate?

If you're concerned that your loved one's safety is at risk while they're home alone, YES, adult day care is appropriate.

What we do?

We provide nutritional and health oversight, social interactions, and mental and physical stimulation to individuals with cognitive and health deficits.

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